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1. EEDC Registration and Identification at the EU

>> EEDC is a WDO (World Development Organization), established and registered at the Spanish Home Office for the European Union with registration number 169997 1st section of national organizations and as per the Act of December 24 1964 and supplementary legislation 1440/65, and fully registered in the Spanish state within the European Unions laws and institutions.
EEDC is publicly registered and recognised as a welfare institution and WDO as per its objectives, purpose and identity.

>> EEDC is a model of a new organization, which as a non-bureaucratic non-governmental entity, provides enormous advantages of speed, network and funding capacity.
For a long time, a significant gap has been observed between the funding of private and the public projects that has created an urgent need for both fast responses for funding and project development. This gap has been fully covered for the first time by EEDC today, allowing better and faster solutions for the public and private sectors needs for funding development and growth within a less bureaucratic and more effective way of operating.

"That is why EEDC is a totally independent organization, not linked to or dependent on the "Council of Europe" or any other related organization, and acting autonomously through its own portfolio, funding and world development structure."

2. EEDC Control and Administrative Body:

a) Executive board. This is the decision-making core of the organization composed of the President and the members of the executive board.
b) Regional and National boards are structured by all regional or national presidents and vice-presidents from the different countries or regions, where EEDC is represented by a local president, and their staff.
c) Advisers, trustees and councillors including special representatives.
d) Honorary members.
e) Remaining members and staff.

3. Managing Configuration:

a) EEDC Head office and the main World Development Organization is headed by its current Executive President and CEO whose term will end on 31st December 2024.

b) National or regional presidencies and offices: They are headed completely under surveillance and guidance of their own presidents and staff with true active independence.

c) Representative offices: Have an agreement with EEDC to represent us which they run through their own structure and upon project execution and development.

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